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Seller's Guide





Pricing your home right the first time will result in more exposure, more showings, more offers, and ultimately, the highest price for your home. We are carefully trained experts at determining the best pricing strategy for your home.



It is important to understand that ultimately the market determines the value of your home. That said, choosing the optimal listing price is a crucial step to maximize your home’s value. For example, if you price too high, you risk losing potential buyers who think your property is out of their price range, and inadvertently, you may help your competition sell faster.

Determining the optimal list price is a strategic process that requires extensive marketing knowledge and research. We will provide you with an in-depth Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to educate you on similar properties that have recently sold in your area. It is equally important to review similar homes that are currently for sale so that you can assess your competition. In addition, a strong understanding of local and national housing trends is essential to arriving at the optimal price.

Tips To Ensure Your Home Looks It's Best

  • Trim the lawn and keep it green. A front yard has instant impact and is indicative of the overall condition of your house.

  • Clean up your garden. Trim shrubs and weed the flower beds.

  • Clear your driveway and walkways of any snow or ice to ensure ease of access.

  • Keep high-traffic areas clutter-free such as, entryways, stairs and hallways.

  • Replace screens if they are rusted or torn.

  • Wash windows and clean window coverings.

  • Add charm with flowers inside and out.

  • Rid the driveway of grease stains with an eco-friendly chemical solvent.

  • Pick up all pet droppings and debris.

  • Tidy the garage to show off its size.

  • Perk up rooms with fresh paint. It’s a great investment that could add dollars to your final selling price. Choose light, neutral colours for the greatest appeal.

  • Consider replacing carpeting if it is worn, dirty, outdated or an unusual colour.

  • Keep your kitchen clean. Sinks, counters, and floors should be spotless.

  • Clear closets to make them appear roomier.

  • Maintain bathroom appeal. Sinks and floors should be clean, loose caulking or grout should be replaced, and dripping faucets should be fixed.

  • Provide a welcome doormat for appeal and to keep your floors clean during showings.

  • Add special accents that make your home appear comfortable and inviting.

  • Clean and brighten your basement to enhance the space.

  • Maintain your backyard. If you have a pool or hot tub, make sure that it has been cleaned.

  • Treat pets to an outing during showings. Potential buyers may be allergic or afraid of pets.

  • Turn off the television or radio. This will allow potential buyers to get a sense of your home.

  • Be aware of any odours emanating from cooking, pets or smoking. You may be used to it but a potential buyer will notice.

  • Discuss home staging services with us and whether they are recommended to show your living spaces in the best possible light.

  • Remove excessive or unnecessary funishings and place them in storage. This will create a roomier atmosphere and make the space appear larger.

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