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Buyer's Guide





The first step is deciding what type of home you are looking for and what features are “must haves” or “would be nice to haves” and where you want to live.

DETACHED HOMES |  A home that does not share an exterior wall with any other house or dwelling.

SEMI-DETACHED HOMES & TOWNHOMES |  A home that shares one or more walls, and usually in such a way that each house’s layout is a mirror image of its attached neighbour.

FREEHOLD |  Any property that is ‘free from hold’ of any entity besides the owner. The owner enjoys free ownership and can use the land for any purposes in accordance with the local regulations. There are no restrictions on the right of the property owner to transfer the property.

CONDOMINIUM |  Real estate divided into several separately owned properties, surrounded by jointly owned common areas. As a result of the common areas, a monthly maintenance fee (determined by the condo corporation, and adjusted over time) will be applicable. Governed by a set of condominium regulations.


LOCATION |  Do you know where you want to live? Near a specific school? Closer to work? Downtown or suburbs?


AFFORDABILITY |   What can you afford? You must consider transit costs, household obligations, as well as other costs of living.

RECREATION AND CULTURE |  Do you need to be close to schools, sports facilities, libraries, hiking trails, parks or other amenities?

Find The Right Realtor For You!

The Toronto Real Estate Board has more than 70,000 licensed real estate professionals. That’s a lot of choice. Each agent and their support team will bring their own unique strengths and styles. With that in mind, it’s important to select a knowledgeable, experienced agent, whose personality and approach are most compatible with your personality and objectives.


Knowledge of the neighbourhood

Understanding of the kind of home you are looking for.

Personal fit. This agent will be working with you closely and acting on your behalf. It is imperative that you trust your agent.
Remember, the real estate agent is your front-line to success. Take your time in selecting the right person or team.




Your agent is someone who is under contract to work solely in your best interest. They will ensure you are an educated buyer in all aspects of the home buying process. Here is a list of services your Harvey Kalles Real Estate agent will provide:

Arrange a showing of the property.

Provide details about the property.

Explain all the forms and agreements related to buying the property.

Assist with arranging financing for the property.

Confidential assistance that addresses your needs first.

Honest, loyal and diligent attention without any conflict of interest.

Access to all listings including MLS, bank owned properties, even homes that were previously on the market where the seller may still be interested in selling.


Expert advice on useful clauses such as home inspections and financing to help mitigate risk and ensure that you are fully protected.


Expert negotiation of the offer to purchase, to achieve the best possible price and terms.

Expert advice on market value and location, as well as advice to help you decide when you should walk away from a particular property.

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